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2of3 doesn't eat.


Is he anorexic? No. He's just way too cool for forks. Chopsticks, however, are right up his alley. After 7 years of trying to explain to this kid that we live in North America and that forks are just the Way Things Are, I broke down and bought the kid his own pack of chopsticks.

Needless to say, the theme o' the week has been Asian food. Chinese, Japanese, whatever. If it comes on rice, he's in.

Unfortunately, the theme o' the week was not also Going To The Grocery, so we came down to that lovely place called What Exactly Can I Make With A Can of Sauerkraut?

Behind the sauerkraut was a can of pineapples. In the freezer were 2 chicken breast. And so was born the Night of the Aki.Teriyaki, for you non-parents. I never make this at home because I never knew how to make it. But, when push comes to shove, I'm willing to guess. Or eat Sauerkraut Oatmeal.

So, you grill 2 chicken breasts and steam some rice. Once they're BOTH done, you drain the juice from a can of pineapples into a pan. You add to that enough PLAIN teriyaki sauce to make it the right color (stick your finger in it a few times and taste it. You'll know when it's right.) Bring that to a boil and then turn the heat to simmer. Add to it, oh, I think around a tablespoon of cornstarch. Add it slowly and whisk it in until it gets kinda thick. Add the pineapples from the can to the sauce. Slice the chicken into strips, place them on top of some white rice, and dump the sauce on top.

Now, I am as far from Asian as Tom Cruise is from straight, but god golly, Ms. Molly, that was a fine dinner. And super freaking easy. And ready in less than 20. We all loved it. Except for one of us."The teriyaki at the mall is better," he says. The kid eats his own snot. Bygones.

What did you have this week?