This is exactly why I have grey hair

Remember the other day when I got my shiny new carpets in? Remember how happy I was? How totally AWESOME it was? How I had such grand visions for the future of the basement?

Apparently, I am psychic.

This morning, my lovely, beautiful, darling daughter wanted to watch Babe. We toddled down the stairs to the basement and while she enjoyed her bowl of scrumptious blueberries, I searching in earnest for her movie. I aim to please. After 5 minutes of searching, I turned to her to tell her I couldn't find Babe and she would just have to suffer through Monsters Inc, and what did I spy with my little eye?

That chump had throw her blueberries all over the brand new almost white carpets and was making wine out of them.

Did you know that tiny little size 8 feet are the perfect size to extract ALL the gooey, blue, tannic juices from your berry of choice?

Now you do.