You're a better mom than me.

Before we get into my awesome skilz of a parent, let's first get into my mad picture linking abilities. Behind this click is the link to Sarcastic Mom's Weekly Winners, which has lovely little graphics and everything but clearly I am too Blond, Dumb or Tired to make the graphic magically appear. Trust me, it's there.

And now, pictures that should make you feel better about yourself.

I wouldn't exactly call any of these winners, but they do go to illustrate a point. This poorly lit picture is of my crazy smart toddler. She got The Pukes. What did she do, with no prompting AT ALL on my part? She ran to her Dora potty and puked in it, that's what. How the hell did she know to do that? See my 7 year old helping here there? Yeah, exactly .34 seconds later, he turned around and yelled at me for taking pictures instead of helping his little sister. I froze my poor son's little piggy-wiggies off just to take a fuzzy picture of him by a great big gift box that gave exactly not one shit about. New Years Day = new cabinet configuration = Momma's busy for a while and why don't you eat some grapes? A helpful addition to that equation would have been putting away the skewers first.