How trampy do I have to get here?

See, this year I just so happened to get a little nod.

My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog! My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!

I never, ever win anything. Once, I won $100 on scratch tickets and I had a heart attack and died. Other than that, nada. Never first place in the three-legged-race, No Spelling Bee victories, not one heart of one fair maiden, nothing. And I won't win those two up there, either. But the one I could win, the one I have IN THE BAG, is the Hottest Mommy Blogger. They invented that category FOR ME. I'm easy like Sunday morning.

And heck, that Blogitzer one wouldn't suck, either.

And so, the first people to go over to Blogger's Choice and nominate me for ones of those damn categories already will receive one totally naked picture of me in their inbox. Prizes for subsequent votes will be happily negotiated.

Why yes, I have thought this through. Why do you ask?