For Every Action

The scene: the 8 year old and the 3 year old are goofing around on the couch.

The 3 year old gets a little too amped up, and starts tackling the 8 year old.  And then the biting starts.  The 3 year old is asked repeatedly to stop.  She ignores all of us.  I go over to her, get down on her level, take her hands in mine so she's forced to look right at me, and in my deepest mommy voice, say "Dude, stop.  Do NOT hit your brother.  Do NOT bite your brother.  Do NOT jump on his head.  NO NO.  Do you understand that?"  She nods, barely.   "2of3 is all done.  You will not touch your brother, okay?"  She sort of shakes her head yes.  "Okay, then."

I let go of her hands and slowly start to stand up.  She reaches out her sweet, pudgy little arm, points out her delicate little pointer finger, and while still solidly holding my gaze, she slowly, deliberately, reaches over and puts that precious little finger right on his leg.

The appropriate reaction to this would be to:

  • Ground her for the rest of her life?

  • Throw my hands in the air and take up the drink?

  • Research the legalities behind auctioning her off on eBay?

  • Shoot a snot-rocket out of my nose while trying to stifle my laughter?