Say Ahllo To My Leele Freend

My mother in law left 3 hours ago, and I am sadly disappointed to report that I have absolutely no venom at all to spit.  I have no horror stories to tell, I didn't cry once, I wasn't angry once, and I didn't murder anyone.

Thank god my son brought this beauty home.  Now maybe I'll have some blood to show you:

Oh, yeah, baby. I'm sooo not bluffing:

Did you know that even if you are a registered Hamster Offended thrice convicted for at least second degree murder against hamster-kind, all you have to do is walk into your local elementary school, add your name (made up or not, your call) to a sign-up sheet, and they will hand you free, unsuspecting hamsters on Fridays?

Mwah tothemutherfucking hahahaha.

(Anyone know a good international homicide lawyer?  I may need one.)