Rate The Hate the Lazarus Edition

In Canada, we have all the same holidays as in America (except MLK day), but sometimes they're just called something else.  We have Canada Day, you have 4th of July.  We have Victoria Day (wtf?), you have Memorial Day.  We have Christmas AND Boxing Day (woo hoo!) you have Christmas by itself (sucks to be you).  The big difference, though, is Thanksgiving.  Oh, we have it, too, we just have it at a reasonable time.  You have it 5 weeks before Christmas, we have it 2 1/2 months before.

This?  Rocks.  Our Thanksgiving is in 9 days.  See Mr Lady giggle with excitement.  Giggle Mr Lady, giggle.

It's been a while since I've done a Super Saturday Supper post, because I got lazy and boring when school started, that's why.  Back off, hoser.  But I am fully intent on resurrecting it next Saturday to post my annual Full Thanksgiving Menu With Recipes post that only takes me 30 minutes longer to type than the entire fucking menu took to cook.  So I have that going for me, which is nice.

However, a handful of people may recall that I attempted a little holiday recipe contest last October, which Mr The Retropolitan won with his painfully delicious Mexican Chili recipe.  I thought it might be fun to bring that back that back from the dead today, too.  Maybe make it an annual tradition or something.  And maybe I'll actually mail out the prize this time (sorry about that, Retro.  It's wrapped really pretty and still in my closet, though.  I swear I'll mail it; maybe for your birthday?)

So, just like last year, leave in the comments or post on your own blog your favorite holiday recipe.  I'm not looking for fancy, just yummy.  It could be Halloween punch, or an appetizer, or whatever.  My favorite recipe gets eaten and posted on my blog, and I'll go buy you an awesome kitcheny prize that I will probably wait an entire calendar year to mail to you, because I suck.

Feel free to steal this for your sidebar. Just take out the brackets.

[a href="]/2008/10/04/recipe-contest/" target="_blank["> img src="]http://i84.photobucket.com/albums/k9/shanbrentris/Easy-Bake160.jpg" border="0" alt="Mr Lady's Holiday Recipe Contest[">/a]

Deadline: American Thanksgiving, whenever the hell that is.

Rules:  The best things come to those who cheat.