Best $400 I Didn't Spend

Do you know who Owen Meany is?  If you don't, bring your forehead really close to your monitor.  Ready?


Go read it.  Now.  Come back when you're done.  I'll wait...

If you do, imagine if The Cure wrote a song about him  You'd have this:

Those are the Sunken Gardens at Buchart Gardens on Vancouver Island.  Mr Buchart and family established a limestone quarry on Vancouver Island in 1904, and when that quarry was exhausted, his wife began the huge undertaking of turning that spent quarry into the garden you see there.  And here.  Because why not?

She and her husband traveled the globe, collecting artifacts and animals and plants from around the world, and they eventually expanded their garden into the Japanese Gardens.

And then they grew their gardens larger, and created the Italian Gardens where their tennis courts once stood.

And then they took their kitchen garden patch and turning into the biggest freaking rose garden you could ever hope to see.  Like, an Alice In Wonderland Queen of Hearts rose garden.  Like, even someone like me who almost hates roses was left slightly speechless.  She did all of this...for fun.

And today, the whole thing is a stunning display of some of the most exquisite, stunning naturally beauty you could ever hope to see that I had no fucking clue I lived anywhere near until 3 weeks ago.

When my mother in law (can we just call her Sarah?  Her name is Sarah) got here, she said the only things she wanted to do were snuggle my kids and see those gardens.  We said, "Huh?  Gardens?  There are GARDENS?"  Thank god for google, man.  We cancelled 3of3's birthday party last Sunday (for a number of reasons) and took advantage of the sunshine to head on over.  Her treat.  Thank GOD.

Except, it's a 2 hour trip away from here.  BY SEA.  So, we rented a mini-van, piled everyone in the car, and hopped on the ferry.  Which, truth be told, was totally awesome in its own right and we could have turned right back around and came home after and been totally satisfied with our outing.

Did you know I'm a boat person? I'm a boat person. I could live a long, happy, fulfilled life on the deck of a boat.  I was In Heaven.

I've I ever go missing, you know where to look.  We sailed through the Gulf Islands and saw seals in the water, but no whales.  I guess you can see whales if you go on the right day.  Sucks to be us.  Anyway, no one got sea sick and we all got a big reminder of the fact that we live in a really rad place.

And in the interest of keeping this slightly shorter than On The Road, I'll continue tomorrow...