And Suddenly, I'm Really Glad I Told Him About The Blog

Him: Why does everyone in your comments think the iron comment was dirty?

Me: I don't know.  It was just my lame attempt at humour.

Him: Yeah, it didn't go over.  And just so you know, I am NOT almost forty.

Me: ...

Him:  I am no where NEAR forty, Bee Tee Why.

Me:  BT Y?

Him:  By. The. Way.  Duh.

Me: You mean BT W?

Him: ...

Me:  Way.  By the way.  Way starts with double-you.

Him: ...

Me: *snort*

Him:  God, I am almost forty.

Me: You totally just proved my point.

Him:  Whatever.  I can't keep up with your lingo.

Me: gigglegiggle

Him: Fuck you.