How Much Would You Like To Bet My Laundry Doesn't Actually Get Up And Wash Itself Soon?

I am posting to say I'm not posting.  Because that makes loads of sense.

I just got kind of busy, what with this new thing I have going on the side:

Blog Nosh Magazine Channel Editor

Guess who gets to do something with all those political posts that she's way too afraid to mention here finally?  ME, that's who.  The whole Blog Nosh thing is like, well, it's an online magazine, sure, but my job is to post other people's stuff.  It's a mix of all those great posts people write and not enough people ever get to read.

I don't have any of the posts I've chosen for publication up yet, but I will soon.  They're chillaxin' in the queue.  In the meantime, there's a buttload of awesomeness over there, so go.  Scoot. There's nothing happening here today.  And if you just so happen to know of some really mind blowing political posts, yours or someone else's, totally send me the link, yo.