Gone Fishin'

Tonight, I will check my email, look for Michelle's home address so I can mail her the iTunes card she has coming to her, and then this laptop is going in a box under my bed until the new year.  (cue Belinda Carlyse) Vacation, all I ever wanted, vacation have to get away...

See, it's that bad that I'm quoting Belinda Carlyse. *shudder*

I'll return on the 1st either refreshed and renewed and ready to hit it hard or twitching, drooling and dragging one leg behind me.  Either way, blog fodder.  Far be it from me to leave you all hanging with no holiday cheer, however.  I've lined up a star studded cast of guest posters, none of which have ever been in my uterus.  There's a first time for everything, dawg.  So, me and mine bid you and yours a fond fairwell, and wish you love and laughter and chocolate.  Especially the chocolate.

(Go on, push play.  It'll hurt, but it's short.)
(Unless, of course, you're reading this in your reader. You'll just have to click through this one time.)

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas from Mr Lady on Vimeo.
And if you want something more, say, in tune, here's a playlist for you of my mostest favorite holiday songs.  It'll be over there in the sidebar until New Year's, too. Hell, the first ten people who say they want the cd version and then email me their address get it.  Mr Lady, out.