My Turn

Ok so I am the next guest blogger. Shannon asked me to do this because I have known her since birth. The amazing thing I think about the relationship I have had with Shannon is that we had a very love/hate relationship probably bordering more on the hate side. Let me explain the amazingness of this. I moved about 45 mins away from Shannon when I was 5 yrs old. Most people wouldn't keep in touch with someone they moved away from when they were 5 but Shannon was different. A couple times a yr she would come to my house or I would come to her house and we would basically fight almost the whole entire time until it was time to go and then we would be crying to not go. Made no sense. I remember I had this huge Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal that we would both squeeze our entire bodies onto and sleep on... comfortably I might add. When we became teenagers I introduced her to some of my friends and she did what some of you may have expected. She stole them. I think they liked each other more than any of them liked me. It got so bad that she would come to visit... them. Bitch! Anyway then she moved to Co and we lost contact for a while. When we reconnected she was engaged. Yay! I booked my flight and couldn't wait to come to Shannons wedding... and then she called it off. Typical I should've known! Well I decided to make the trip anyway and we didn't fight the whole time! It was a miracle! We didn't even know what to do with each other when we weren't duking it out! Since then I have made one other trip to see Shannon. Had the pleasure of meeting 1of3 & 2of3. I couldn't believe she had 2 kids! Crazy! Well me and Shannon have always gone sometimes years without talking and that was ok, we could both use the break lol, but one time I tried to call her and couldn't find her. I was literally really freaked out. I called information, checked the internet, tried to find her dad, brother, anyone that might know  where she was. I was starting to panic, had I lost her forever???? I gave up. There was this little pit somewhere in the back of my stomach for a few yrs when I thought I had lost her forever. Then she found me. On myspace... you gotta love it. This time I was married, had 2 kids... I'm sure that freaked her out to. Now with facebook &  wimsc I don't think there is much chance I'll lose her again which is a good thing. 32 1/2 yrs, childhood, puberty, boyfriends, crazy parents, marriage, divorce (for me), kids... we have seen each other through pretty much everything and were still friends... we finally actually like each other... its a beautiful thing. Love you Shan! I mean Mr Lady... wait was I supposed to be calling you that all this time?! Oops Sorry! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, your family and all your awesome readers who are still reading while your away!