Welcome To My Nightmare

I have an oddly shaped house.  We have big bay windows in onetwothree rooms in the house.  It's a townhouse, so there's a lot of turns and corners.  Really, I love where I live, but it's not always functional.  We had to buy a new couch to accommodate the Wii.  We had to turn the dining room into a family roomish thing to give the oldest his own room in the freezing cold basement, which he loves, which is driving me fucking insane.  We finally got the living room into THE configuration, the right one, after just 3 short years living here, and then we realized that we needed to put the damn Christmas tree somewhere.  So, yeah, the whole thing had to go.

Now, I can get my whole fist in my mouth, I can get a beer bottle down my throat to the label, and I never thought I'd be able to say, "Yeah, that's not gonna fit", but seriously?  I bit off a hell of a lot more than I could chew on this one.

That was just getting everything up off the shelves and the floor so that I could start moving things.  They don't make pills strong enough to make that feel all better.

Now, if my husband came home from a Saturday night at work and saw that?  I'd be available in the biblical sense.  I had one day, 12 hours, to fix that shit.  And somehow, but by the grace of god, I pulled it off.

Almost. Funny how you take pictures of your crap and then you post them on the internet and then and only then are you all, "Oh, that's a lot of stuff under the coffee table and wow, I still have that Cindy Crawford Workout 5 pound weight?  I should use that sometime this decade."  But still, 3 bookshelves got shrunk to two, with nothing sideways on top, and low and behold, I HAVE A COUCH AFTER ALL.

And shut up about the tree.  We ran out of lights.  I'll get to it just as soon as I hang the other picture on the wall.  Anyone seen my hammer?