I love being a girl

Welcome to the chickiest chicky post you will ever read here at Chez Mr Lady. Today we are discussing the 13 men I'd give it all up for, in no particular order, and completely regardless of the fact that they are not real.

Dude, Tony Soprano? What? Are you kidding me over here? That boy is scrumptious with a little slice of cocky asshole.

Sam Beckett. To you, I say only this, "You had me at QUANTUM."

I could not tell you why I love Paul Buchman so, because in real life, Paul Reiser makes me want to hit things. Maybe it's the Jewish guy from New York thing. I totally dig that. I also dig the 'bumbling idiot' thing, and he's got that going for him, which is nice.

You're totally thinking Law & Order, right? WRONG. Try the bi-sexual serial killer on OZ. Dude, I loved OZ so much it burned. And Chris Keller? Totally the best character. He was so deliciously fucked up.

Awwwww. Say it with me, "Awwwwww."

Ok. I love Jim. Jim is chocolate dipped chocolate ice cream in a chocolate waffle cone. I LOVE Jim.