The thrill of victory, the agony of 57 wasted dollars.

This week, there was great victory celebrated by the taller half of the Mr. Lady family:

First goal

That was just before my battery died. Final score? 6-2 Avs. Who are now in the lead in their division. Who rock significantly.

Subdued Glee

In the interest of not getting bludgeoned at the game, this is about exactly as rowdy as we got last night. Trust me, we were 13 year old girls at a New Kids on the Block concert inside.

Almost dead

The $57.75 I spent at the vet for the hamster? Totally worth every penny. Until yesterday, when that fucker went and died anyway, right after Mae (2of3's hamster) died. Really, you don't ever want to come live with me. I'm doomed.

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