Boys, and how I love them

For this weeks Weekly Winners, I only have two pictures. The first one I meant to post on Thursday, but me and my scanner? Not the best of friends. Today I conquered that son-of-a-nutcracker.


My Valentine. My valentine that was totally, seethingly jealous that I asked you all to be mine, too. My valentine who wouldn't drop it. My Valentine who asserted his Valentiney status by showering me with chocolate and flowers / calling me periodically throughout the day to woo me / making me a rad mixtape / coming home from work at some point that night.

I care not. I love this boy. I mean, look at him. He's cuuuuute.

This picture was taken oh, about 5 1/2 years ago in Buckhead, GA, just outside of Atlanta on what was and still has been the only thing even closely resembling a vacation/honeymoon/break from the kids in any small way together. We had 3 days, all by ourselves, in one of the most gorgeous cities I've ever seen. We drank it in. Literally. We are so freaking snot-slinging drunk in that picture that we barely remember taking it. We had 2 little little kids, he had a fancy new job that would eventually move us to Canada, we lived in Colorado Springs, our car had almost no brakes, and the rest is history.

Next, Luca. My other BFF (there are 3, in case you are wondering) moved to Costa Rica when I was 7 months pregnant with 3of3. She wanted to teach English. She wanted to sleep with surfer-boys. She wanted to get a tan already. She has always, ALWAYS, said that she was going to have little brown babies. Well, she moved all the way to Costa Rica, met a lovely native boy with dreadlocks who couldn't speak English if you paid him to, married him, got knocked up with him, and had herself the one and only native Costa Rican white baby boy. Day seven, and he's starting to darken up. Those Detroit genes she's got in her sure are some strong ones.

Anyway, much to my shock, she asked me to be Luca's godmother. Seriously, I did NOT see that one coming. So now, she's my babies godmother and I am hers, and the circle is complete. I can't wait to meet him. Hell, I'd settle for seeing him, just she's just entirely too busy eating his wittle toes to send pictures. I do have this one, though:


Dag, yo, technology blows my mind. Picture that with his momma's Robert Plant hair and his daddy's brown skin, and eyes that are blue-but-quickly-turning-green, and you have my godson.


Dudes, I am dying over here.

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