Every day is a chance to learn and grow

If the question is, "Do I go digging through the laundry for the granny bra or just wear the hoochie-snap-in-the-front-with-the-clear-straps-push-up-stripper bra to the PTA meeting?" and the answer is, "Oh, screw it, I'll just wear the scanky one, because it's clean," then maybe you should throw on a hoodie or something before you go to the meeting.

If the question is, "Is this lovely halter tank top showing entirely too much cleavage for a PTA meeting?" and the answer is, "I guess I'll find out," then perhaps it's not the world's best idea to sit next to the President of the PTA, who also happens to be the minister of the local church, at the meeting, in the preschool room, in the 5-inches-off-the-ground chairs.

If the question is, "Do you really want to explain to people you don't know who Peter Griffin is in a family friendly setting?" and the answer is, "Not at the PTA meeting while I'm sitting here next to the PTA president who just also happens to be the minster of the local church, because you think he might be seriously traumatized from the amount of boobie you just accidentally shoved in his face," then maybe it's in your best interest to just set the ringer of your cellphone to vibrate, or at least change your ringtone for your husband to Amazing Grace or something, because you know he's going to call you while you're there.