What's that they say about imitation?

This week's recipe is not at ALL my recipe. This week's recipe comes from the always fabulous Audubon Ron over at Ducks Mahal. Ron has this freaking irrational totally endearing habit of only showing ONE post at a time, and not giving anyone access to his archives. This recipe, much to my dismay, was TWO posts ago.

Because Audubon Ron had gone through all the trouble of taking stunning pictures of his beef stew*, I didn't take any myself. Which sucks, because seriously? You'd drool all over your keyboards.

I'm going to put up the recipe I stole from Audubon Ron, and then you can go nag him to show the pictures if you like.

Yumma Nummy

Dudes, I am not kidding with the Oh My Gods and the I Could Have Dieds. Even my kids loved it. And he's right about the beef; I used 2 thick, fatty steaks and cubed them myself. Mmmm Mmmm Good. Even the kids loved it. Thanks, Ron!

*It doesn't all have have anything to do with the fact that Brainy Smurf lost the battery charger to her camera. Nope, that's not why at all.