Grab Your Balls...

(Fuckety fuck fuck fuck...Just thought I'd get THAT over with early. See, I had this post for today. It was going to be beautiful and chilling and heart-warming at it would have totally redeemed me for any prior wrong-doings from before in your hearts and minds. You would have clicked on my little ol' link to read it over and over again, pondering how one chick from freaking DELAWARE could so gracefully intertwine passion and wit.

It was to be my fucking OPUS and shit.

And so, naturally, today is the day that my camera decided to tell me that either I need A: to replace my USB cord for my camera or: B I need to replace my camera. Let's all pray for A, ok?

The gist of the post was that my kid turns 8 today, and I kind of want to cry about that. I'd love to tell you more, but)

....We're going Bowling!

PS: If you must have them, the nitty gritty details are right here.