Mine would have been better

I had a really great Thursday Thirteen all written in my head for today, because today is awesome, but someone went and one-upped me. As he usually does.

For those of you who don't know, Mas Younon was my first....well...everything. We dated (read: he put up with my crazycrazy yet shockingly hot ass) for 3 1/2 absolutely radical years. He may be the single greatest man alive today. He is still, after everything I have drug him through, totally my BFF.

For his birthday, I tried to write him a sweet post, but it ended up more salty in his mind. He tried to get me back today, and oh my did he ever fail miserably. He's just too damn funny for his own good.

It would seem that we are now locked in a pathetic cycle throwing rocks at each other on the playground giving each other paybacks on the internet. My payback?


Mas Younon wrote his first Thursday Thirteen today, and I am using it as a contest. Because I'm lazy and a bitch, that's why. Go read his post; you'll figure out what to do. Leave your answers in either his comments or mine.

Prize to be determined, but quite possibly could be a copy of one of the many mixtapes I have made for Mas Younon.

PS: It is also the first day of spring and the day when Physics takes a flying leap. Here's proof:

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