And now for the fluff

Well, that was enough seriousness to last me a lifetime. Moving on...

What happens when you plan a Mother's Day outing for the family including Robert Downey Jr., your entire family, including one toddler, at just about exactly naptime? You get to stay home with the pissy toddler while your boys go drool over Robert for two hours. I am just guessing here, but I'd bet his dreaminess was slightly lost on them.

Definitely long. Potentially worth it. Iron Man would've been almost as awesome.

Mothers Day Eggs from Mr Lady on Vimeo.

What happens when you drag two of your blogmomma friends downtown for dinner and drinks, and go somewhere you've never been before but you hear is pretty good? You end up in jeans and tshirts in a restaurant where they are, at a moments notice, prepared to serve The Queen with almost no transition, where they have warmed handtowels instead of paper towels and French imported rosemary handsoap that smelled like heaven and cost about as much in the washroom, where not one thing on the menu has less than 6,000 ingredients, and the tell you every single one of them, THREE TIMES OVER, where you have to check your wallet to be sure you brought enough cash to be allowed to walk in the front door, where you sit with two good friends and gigglegigglegiggle anyway and magically forget that you landed in perhaps the wrongest place you possibly could have because you picked the right people to spend your Mother's Day with. Oh, and you eat ridiculously tasty food.

Most importantly, do you know what happens when you send your husband to the grocery store at 10 a.m. on Mother's Day morning because you forgot something for the crepes? This happens. And it was the best present ever.*

*The picture, pervs, getting the PICTURE was the best present ever. Sheesh.