Company or Crowd?

Do you all know Jeremy at Discovering Dad? You should. He writes a fantastic daddi-o-blog and is a father of two. For a few more minutes. Baby three is well on her way as we speak. She's the eenciest bit early, so send Jeremy and his wife some very good vibes today for a healthy, happy delivery. And painless while you're at it. Painless ain't gonna happen, but it doesn't hurt to dream.

In true blog addict style, Jeremy left us a tasty little nugget on his site before he left for the hospital. He's, um, GIVING AWAY A Wii. Do you have a Wii? Have I ever told you how Wii can bring a family together, how the Wi can save a marriage? Maybe I will someday. For now, all you have to do is write a little something about what brings out the kid in you, and you too could know the soul-crushing, Intervention-requiring ecstasy that is Wii ownership.

Really, a few paragraphs for a Wii? I would have slept, vigorously, with the 17 year old, zitty, WoW playing, 12 sized dice rolling, Terry Prachett reading cashier at FutureShop to get one. This seems the slightest bit easier top me. You'd be crazy not to enter.

International entries can qualify for a $25 gift card to Starbucks, which will get you, in Vancouver at least, 3/4 of a Grande white mocha. Still, at least he thought of us.

Go enter. Don't delay. He's going to be delirious in a few day and I'm betting the top entries are going to stand a better chance. What is one man against the evil powers of the newborn? Not much, yo. Not much at all.

And now, Jeremy, I leave you with this. You are about to be grossly outnumbered, yo. You have no clue. I am laughing with you, brother. But I'll pretend it's going to be easy breezy.