Should I Stay or Should I Go?

So, let's say that someone we know has a blog. She has recently broke up with her old blogging platform for a new one. A complicated one. One that has made her cry a few times. But an awesome one, none-the-less.

She quietly, secretly has been cheating on new her platform with another one, an easy one, one that gives her just about every option she has now, but she doesn't have to turn herself gray trying to work with a Plugin or an FTP file. She has actually paid rent at the new platform's place for a month or so, and would really like to just bring her toothbrush and tampons over and settle down already.

She loves the new platform. She's totally girled it up; hung some pictures, rearranged the furniture, you know, stuff? She wants to move in with it and make little babies. NOW. There's just one little catch:

The old platform refused to share anything that it's got of hers. Something about Possession Being 9/10th's of the Law or something. If she goes, she can't just have the movers come in and haul all 946 posts over. She'll have to carry each and every one over by herself, and she'll probably drop a bunch of the comments in the gutter along the way.

Also, she may or may not be able to forward her address.

Also also, in a desperate attempt to trick the old platform into giving her the damn archives already, she just about demolished her blog and then had to upgrade her Wordpress Platform in order to almost, kind of save it. And you know what? Upgraded Wordpress is awfully cool. Damn that evil old platform for reeling her back in a little.

What should she do? Should she follow her heart to the new platform (Squarespace, for those of you wondering) or tough it out with the old platform (Wordpress, already covered that)? Are 3 1/2 years worth of archives really THAT important?

Do vote. It helps when people tell me what to do.

Oh, in case you were wondering, it'll look a little something like this:

The New?

In answer to your questions, it is SO not black on white.  I hate that, too.  Also, WP will import from any platform but will only EXPORT to WP.  I have tried every plugin known to man to fix this, and not only didn't it work, but it ate a bunch of my post to punish me for trying.  Grrrr.