29 and counting

I\'ve been doing this shit way too longSee this? Yeah, you're reading that right. 970 posts. This one here's gonna make 971. That means that in 29 posts, which is embarrassingly enough just about 29 days, I'm going to hit 1K.

Here's the thing. I never did one of those 100 Things posts, because I didn't read mommy blogs back then. Hell, I didn't know there were mommy blogs, or any blog that wasn't political or educational, back then. I didn't know I should do a 100 Things post.

The other thing is that I can't manage to put together 7 things about me. The only thing that bores me more than CSI NY is me. But, I am about to hit a benchmark of sorts, and I feel that there should be something happening to mark the occasion, and since martinis and petit fours don't really translate over an internet connection, I had another idea.

YOU GUYS know stuff about me. You know loads about me. For example, from this post alone thus-far you know that I like politics and education issues, drink martinis, would actually try to insert a petit four into a blog post, and that CSI NY is my least favorite CSI. I would never normally think of any of that stuff. And with it...


We have 29 days to come up with 1,000 things about me.

Leave what you know in the comments box. Let's try to avoid the "She's hot"s and the "She's a terrible mother"s; we will have nothing but that otherwise. Dig deep, dear readers. It'll be a fun experiment in how much we can actually learn about someone just by reading their blog.

29 days left.....gogogo!