Denver DNC Recap: The Important Stuff Part Three

So, yeah, my friend David and I threw a little party on the last night of the DNC.  I say friend loosely; I'm not sure he's still talking to me after the whole Sarah Palin speech.  We sort of, well, disagree. Bygones.  I'd still make out with him.

There are 8 million things I could say about being in Denver on that night, while that speech took place, at the tail end of that convention, but someone else has said all of it better.  I will say this, though; I have the best blog friends ever.  I sat in a bar that was more or less a 50/50 split of Democrats and Republicans, and I am serious when I say that if those people were the ones running the campaigns, America would be a much more respected place today.  A bar full of booze, a city full of opinions, and no one got into so much as a spat.  Decency is the sexiest personality trait, if you ask me.

My Left Nutmeg, which is without doubt the best names blog in the land, not only came all the way from Connecticut to Denver and then to our little party, they brought me one Official Media Pass from their site.  The way to my heart is through the keepsakes.

Antman, founded and owner of Cre8Buzz, made a rare public appearance and in keeping with his mystique, took one very shrouded-in-mystery picture with yours truly.

Mysterious, no?  The Blogger formerly known as Andy got all the ladies nametags that night.  Really, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  By the time he went home, no one knew what color his shirt actually was.

I think they were really funny, but maybe I was drunk after all.  I look like an evil undead zombie in this picture, but I've been waiting years to get a picture with Wheels.  I may never get the chance again.

And if you ever need an inappropriate folk singer/ukulele player, I totally have your guy.

Aimee Greeblemonkey (did you know we used to be neighbors) (she also totally made our logo for the night) and Julie from MotherGooseMouse (oh yes, she will be mine) made it down, and Aimee and I did not manage to get one picture together.  We did get several drunk pictures together at BlogHer, though; I think we can call that a wash.

Warm and fuzzy, yo.  Warm.  And Fuzzy.

We had something of a 15 year high school reunion, what with a shitton of us from high school all there.

Now I have an excuse to skip the 20 year.  Not like I needed one.  While I'm at it, this girl just so happens to be, like, my best friend and through 17 years, through being my freaking maid of honor, we've never managed to get one picture together.  Until a week ago.

Molly makes the best nametags ever.  Mine?  Said, "Mr Lady if you're nasty."  Epic.

There are a bazillion other people that came, and I have a bunch of other pictures that have been sent my way, but I can't find them because I am blond.  And disorganized.  So, I'll just say this: If you were there, thanks.  If you helped pay for it, double thanks.  If you are Hubs and failed in every way (or succeeded in failing) to get a picture taken with me, you owe me.  And now I know what you look like.  Mwahahahaha.

Pictures stolen with a little slice of love from Tara (Lijit), Aimee (Greeblemonkey) and Molly (Soapy Water)