Double Whammy

Hello, and welcome to National Write a Bunch of Ridiculous Crap For Other People on the Internet Day!  Or N-W-A-BORC-FOPO-TID, as it's more commonly known.  To me.  Intoxicated.  Bygones.

I had this really funny post written about the really funny post I wrote for Work It Mom, but now that would be too much reading.  Because I also have a really funny post going up at Sarcastic Mom today.  And those two posts may just be the two most unembellished, autobiographical posts I've ever written.  I don't think I exaggerated so much as once in either post.  Which is really, really saying something for me.

If I were you, I'd go eat some cookies.  You're looking thin.  If I was someone else entirely, I'd go read those posts.  One's about sex, and the other one is about, um, errr, sex.  In Nashville.

Someday I'll get my own blog, I swear.