Someday, He's Going To Charge Royalties

Once upon a time, there was a soon-to-be-blogger named Shannon.  She was about to start a little blog of very little import.  It was to be her dirty little secret, you know?

Anyway, one day she was at her best friend's house, painting a dining room or something, and her best friend's three maybe four year old son came up to ask her a question.  This soon-to-be-blogger, she was also a mother of two boys, and if there was one thing in life she was good at, it was tuning kids out.  She hardly even noticed the "um, um, excuuuuuuuuse me..." and the tug-tug-tug on her shirt.  The Kid's mother didn't notice either, really.  Shannon and her best friend never got to hang out, and when they did, the world just had to stop turning until they were done.  The pleases grew louder, the tugs grew firmer until The Kid was done.  He'd had it.  He stood in between The soon-to-be-blogger named Shannon and her best friend and said very loudly, "HEY MISTER LADY!  Can I..."

Whatever he'd wanted was totally irrelevant.  He'd forgotten his friend's moms name, and the only thing he could think to call her was Mr Lady.  Shannon and her best friend about died laughing.  A few years later, about a year into Shannon's blog, her best friend reminded her of that day.  And that, my friends, is how Mr Lady came to be.

Today is The Kid's 9th birthday.  I was trying to think of something profound to say to him, but he's, well, nine.  He probably doesn't give a rat's ass what his crazy Canadian auntie has to say about him on some weird website.  Also, I've kind of already said it and I don't think I could do it better a second time.  That's one of my favorite posts I've ever written in my life, because it's one of my favorite things that has ever happened to me in my life.

Happy birthday, Kid.  Thank you for changing my life, your mom's life, everyone's life.  I owe you, kiddo, more than you'll ever know.

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