And I Still Haven't Seen Lost Yet

The best thing about having sick kids is when they're still too little to take all of their medicine and so they're up at holy-shit-o'-clock in the morning wrapped around you telling fever induced stories in their raspy voice with their sick breath.

Like last night, when 3of3 convinced me to let her just get into my bed already at 2:30 in the morning after I'd been up until 1:30 anyway writing an American Idol recap for MamaPop (eastern time is cruel and unusual punishment).  I drug her into bed with me and she wrapped her little arms around my head and said, "I wuv ooo, mama" and I said, "sigh" and then she said through her little sniffly nose, "goo-ight, mama" and I said, "Indeed" and then the fever hit her brain and she started telling me about spiderman coming down to bite her and how she punched him and she kicked him and then Eggman fought him and she beat him so he snuggled her and was her friend.

The kid plays way too much Sonic the Hedgehog.

Anyway, I'm beyond tired, my kid's sick, and my recap is up.  Please to enjoy.