Here, There and Everywhere

I'm posting here to tell you I'm not posting here because I haven't finished editing my pictures yet and I have a post up at Canada Moms Blog and I have access to a metric shitton of free Dreyer's ice cream to give away at my review blog and I just spent the past hour on the phone with a bunch of kick ass bloggers and ohmygodItalkedto KatieCouric talking about children and the recession, and suddenly my little day at the skatepark seems pretty damn unimportant to talk about, and perhaps a bit self-indulgent.

Oh, and it's American Idol's last performance tonight, so I've got to put on my random hat for my Mamapop recap tomorrow.  

And I'm trying to organize the Vancouver area's Pre-BlogHer get together.  Because they've asked me to be the BlogHer 09 conference liaison up here.  Because, apparently, they hate you.

And that official turned into a post.  Free ice cream?  Nice.  Mounties?  Oddly hot.  BlogHer meet-up?  Way fun.  Katie Couric and her work for the children affected by the recession?  Yeah, start there.  That actually matters.