A Time It Was, And What A Time It Was

Meet T-Dog.


T-dog is 3of3's best friend.  He's Brazilian and has the world's most perfectly beautiful accent.  He's all boy.  He's a goofball.  I love him almost as much as 3of3 does.  Almost.

Just Like The Movies

We play outside together every day from 4 until 5:30.  He's taught 3of3 to say the letter L and she's teaching him to ride a scooter.  They go spider killing together, they go on spooky walks together and they occasionally sit on park benches like bookends.

Getting To Know You

My next door neighbor, my best friend in Vancouver and the mother of my sons' best friend, is moving away in August.  We are all heartbroken.  I almost looked into moving, too, because I honestly can't imagine what I, and we, will do without her, and them.  But you know what?  Each door that closes opens a different window, and I think it's 3of3's turn to make an old friend.  

Happiness Is A Red Blowpop

And I think we've found him.