Yin And Yang

If you know me at all, if you have even one shred of respect for me, do not go read this post.  Otherwise, have at it.  I should be ashamed of myself....but I'm not.

On a completely pure note that would make even Jesus smile, my good friend Kori has a shiny new, gorgeous, and deliciously ironic new dot com. There are a few tiny details to work out, but please go welcome her to the world of the big kids and tell her what a fucking fantastic job Judith Shakes did on her design.

See, there I go with the fucking first thing in the morning. Le'sigh.  The BlogHer Vancity meetup is at 1pm today, and it's 10:21am right now, and I apparently have to go wash my mouth out with soap before this thing.  So, yeah, happy Saturday.  And thank god I don't have Irish Spring soap in the house.  Worse than a Newport, that.