Afternoon Delights

I blow-dried my hair this weekend. Twice.  I even shaved my legs, which means the end is extremely fucking nigh, people.

See, we had a little party this weekend, under the guise of "BlogHer is so close, I can smell the panic" but was, of course, really just about "Oh my god I need a martini."  Which we managed to squeak in at the last hour, thanks to this guy.

His Name Is Jonas

It's funny to me that I've lived in Vancouver for two years plus now but that I've only met, oh, four bloggers or so in that whole time. I honestly had no clue at all how many women I know, or know of, or didn't know at all, were right in my backyard, and I'm kind of excited for that because I've almost completely hit that brick wall where if I don't talk to a grown up soon, about grown up things, something may give and that something will probably be the last little thread that holds my sanity in check and then I'll end up running around wearing teal shoes and stealing unsuspecting women's passports in airport restroom stalls and no one wants that, really.  

Lucky for me, I have this blog thing.  Lucky for me also, Natalie and Angella and Amber and ZoeyJane and Emily and Kristen and Kerry and Fawn and Cori and Susan and Nicole and Gwen and Tracey and Xangelle and Sandi and Laura and Catherine and the other 18 million people I'm leaving out because, yeah, it's 2:40 exactly in the AM right now and I saw god 30 minutes ago, but lucky for me all of them have one, too.

The rest are on FlickR, of course.