Lights Out For Legendary Venue, Mr Lady's Uterus


Houston, Texas – (October 26, 2010) – Mr Lady’s Uterus, a renowned local hotspot, is closing its doors after a memorable history.  Founded on March 20, 1975, the Uterus remained an unknown until bursting onto the scene in the late-90’s when it launched the existence of 1of3.  Though it has been nearly thirteen years since those grungy days of flannel and angst, 1of3 still embodies that era and its sensibility.  “That was my first apartment.  I mean it’s not like I can go back, but I’ll still kind of miss it, ya know?” said 1of3.

Less sentimental was 2of3, who could not be reached for comment.  Though he emerged just two short years after 1of3, they don’t often play the same venues anymore.  “He tries to punch me in the face.  It’s not cool,” said 1of3.  The Uterus was dormant for a few years after 2of3, hosting only a local legend known as “Big Daddy” and of course the house band “IUD.”  But just five short years ago, 3of3 came on the scene, bringing new irreverence and joy.  “I’m a puppy!” she offered, when asked for comment.  Many will miss the historic hallowed halls of Mr Lady’s Uterus.  “That place was so fucking punk rock,” said Big Daddy.  “I rocked that joint so hard.  I helped make everything that came out of there.  It's the end of an era, man...”

Those feeling nostalgic for Mr Lady’s Uterus, will be please to know that although it will no longer be accepting new tenants (and will in fact be relocated to a nearby bio-hazard facility) visitors to the old site will be able to arrive via the newly refurbished Bionic Bubble Yum Windtunnel™.  Sound effects, wifi, a bottle opener and DVD/VCR combo are available options in the upgrade, but a full list of amenities has not been made available at press time.  Following the renovation, admittance to the Windtunnel™ will be strictly VIP, invitation only--- if admittance is even allowed at all.  Because seriously, the place will be pristine and we don’t need anything fucking it up.

For more information, please contact:
Mr Lady Reproductive Public Relations