She Really Needs to Get Out of the House More Often, That's All.

And still, she doesn't finish the cop story.

She still also doesn't have a wallet or her super crazy hot red glasses anymore. Which is totally the punchline of the story. Bygones.

This all means that she can't see out of 2/3 of her eyeballs, and she doesn't have the insurance card she'll need to replace her glasses.

None of this excuses the whole third person thing. She really can't explain that. What she can tell you is that she's been writing much more coherently for BlogHer and Crystal Light, talking about summer vacation and great auntie Babbas and stuff.

And that every comment on any one of these posts this month enters you for a $100 giveaway. Every comment on her regular blog enters you for a chance at an email. Which is worth it's weight in gold, of course.