When in Houston...

In two weeks, half of the damn internetowebosphere is going to descend on Manhattan for the annual BlogHer conference. Well, the half that I'm not on. I'm going camping with this chick for her birthday. Because nothing says, "I love and value you, and I sure am glad your momma shot you out of her chocha on this day, 24 short years ago" like making that person smell you after 3 days without a shower in the middle of a Texas summer.

If you're going, you might want to check out Mom 101's primer for bloggers hitting the big city, and Adam P Knave's ongoing primer for the big city hitting bloggers. If you're not going, well, you might want to check out The Retropolitan's summary of Cloverfield, which is damn near the best virtual tour of New York you'll ever take. Complete with horrifying monsters and equally horrifying plot developments.

Since I can't go to the conference, but I still want to take awkward self-portraits with my partners adentro crimen, I'm having a little get-together on Saturday night for anyone and anyone who wants to come. It's officially the Houston Pre-BlogHer meetup, but I like to call it Mochadad's birthday party plus. The plus being six months or so. Shut up, everyone likes birthday cake.

Morton's the Steakhouse has opened up their bar area for us and will be extending their weekday 'Power Hour' prices to us for the evening, including $5-$6 select appetizers, $5 select beers, $6 select wines and $7 select martinis (Manhattans totally included. Themes, we stick to'm).

Everyone is welcome to attend, and no, you don't have to dress like it's prom...just no hats. They're kind of weird about hats. You can get directions to Morton's from the map below, or call 713-659-3700 if you get hopelessly lost. There's a parking garage on Fannin Street and Valet out front, which is actually pretty reasonably priced.

See you there?

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