And So It Goes

This is my very last review-on-another-page post. That really isn't of relevance to anyone but me, but it bears mentioning.

Last week, I took all of my ads down on my blog, but I had already agreed to do one last sponsored post for BlogHer, and I wasn't about to pass the chance up. Why? Because the company we worked with on this campaign isn't afraid of women who swear. In fact, they kind of salute it, in a funny sort of way.

I knew when I started this blog thing that if I ever wanted to make a dime off of it, I'd have to curtail the potty mouth. Ultimately, I decided that saying [insert favorite expletive here] was more important to me that making money off the internet. Because I say [insert favorite expletive here] a lot in real life, and I don't have much interest in pretending to be something I'm not online. So I've spent the better part of six years being told that, "Hey, we'd love to work with you!" and a week later getting a follow up email that says, "But you just say fuck too much."

Which irks me. Because I honestly have only met one mom at all, in my whole life, who truly doesn't say any swear words, on or offline. And I think she may be a saint or something. Even my puritan right wing radical Christian cult bible humping mother said a swear word a handful of times over the course of our childhoods. Not all moms are perfect. Not all moms strive for absolute cookie cutter perfect. I'd argue that most don't, actually. But I get the distinct impression that companies want to work with parents because we bring this thing, this corner of the internet, to their table, but they want us to do it completely on their very unrealistic, disingenuous terms. Which, no.

So when I get approached to work with a company who's primary marketing piece to parents is called Dickhead? The only question I have for them is, "Where do I sign?"

For old time's sake, I threw the post up on a review page. Which now looks exactly like this one. I never pretended to make any sense, either. We're talking about your finest parenting moments. And by finest, I mean in-quotes-finest. Pop on over; there are goodies to be had.

And I'll start...Did I ever tell you 2of3's first word was shit? That's pretty tame, actually, compared to his first sentence.