I was reading a post from the Education Wonk about full day kindergarten. I am not a fan. Our school offers full day ECE and kindergarten. The ECE is optional and tuition based, the K is also tuition based, but no half day is offered. My 1st grader went to half day K. My 5 year old goes to half day ECE. He will have to go full day next year. I see the kids in the afternoon when I pick B up from school. They look wrecked. They are exhausted and crabby. During the morning, the full day kids are the ones that are the least excited to be there.
I like that my preschooler has learned the alphabet, colors, numbers, social skills, etc. And I like more that it happens in a 3 hour school day. I don't want him to go full day next year. I think it will be too hard for him. I think it's too hard for all of them. They are still babies, and we expect them to act like older children. I couldn't imagine the feelings of the child who didn't get ECE and then was thrown into and 7 hour kindergarten day. The poor thing! B learned SO much in kindergarten. He was more than prepared for 1st grade. Of course, we did a lot at home. It's our job to do it at home. He is on par or ahead of many of his full-day K classmates, now that they are in 1st together. I don't think he missed out on anything.