Terri Shiavo died. I have kept my mouth shut about this whole thing because she is not my wife, nor my daughter, so it's none of my business. Today I'm mad.

"The essence of civilization is that the strong have a duty to protect the weak," Bush said. "In cases where there are serious doubts and questions, the presumption should be in favor of life."
Tom Delay added, "I never thought I'd see the day when a U.S. judge stopped feeding a living American so that they took 14 days to die," he said.

Have these people forgotten about the Texas Futile Care Law, the one George himself passed, the one that lets the courts remove the feeding tubes from living Americans whose prognosis is hopeless?

Have they not heard of Sun Hudson, the little boy who may have been (that seems to be up for debate, much like Mrs. Shiavo) responsive, conscious, sentient, whatever you want to call it. His mother fought to have his feeding continued, but she couldn't afford it and Texas felt his case was hopeless. So they cut him off. He died.

Seems a little hypocritical George.

Mark Kleiman blogs about this issue, it's worth the read. He's a bit less angry and has done a bit more homework than I.