So, Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. Well, almost. I must say that dinner was fab. The gravy was ridiculously good (and still is, as I made enough for a small army). My brother arrived at 3:45 am on Thursday. I had gone to bed at 2am, and then had to be back up at four anyway to put the turkey in. So we sat up until 5:45am trying to convince my nephews to go to sleep. We all went back down until 8am when the kids got up because the thermometer on the turkey said it was done in it's loud, shrill alarm sort of I'm done way. Thankfully, it was only almost done, and was quite happy to cook the rest of the way at 200 degrees, finishing right at 3:30 for dinner. Needless to say, by 7pm or so we were all ready for bed. Lily didn't actually let me go to bed until 11pm, but I sure was ready for it. The rest of my brother's visit was quite nice. We pretty much just stayed in and let the kids play. Friday night, after work, my brother and I drove out to hear my dad's band play 30 minutes away, where he managed to drive the last nail into the coffin of our already tumultuous relationship. Oh well. I really didn't like him much anyway. Ed and I drank until 4am or so, then headed home for not enough sleep again. They headed out Saturday night. It was truly nice to have them here.

B has his first band concert next Thursday night at 6:30pm. I went out to get him something nice to wear, and now he is the proud owner of 2 ties, one muted blue and one power red. Growing up with neo-fascist Christians, all boys wore suits to church and all girls wore dresses, so in my world all boys owned ties. The church they attend now allows jeans (jeans to church?), therefore I have had no reason to buy them ties. It feels like some milestone has been reached now that I have. I honestly started to cry when I put one on B. I know, I'm a dork, but he just seemed so grown up, wearing a dress shirt and tie.

Josh got his promotion yesterday. Not the big one where we have to move to another state, just the here's the title and pay raise for the job you have already been doing for the last 2 years promotion. I am quite happy for him. He was much more patient with the whole process than I was (I believe I heard the word bitch fly around more than once).

All & all, it was a lovely week we've had. Hope yours was nice, too.