I told you all that to tell you this...

My kids are figuring out time. B can read a clock. T is almost there. They have not yet today stopped asking me what time we are leaving.

"How many minutes 'til we go, mom?"

"Now how many?"

"Mom mom mom?"

For you newer parents with young children, here are two very effective ways I thought up to combat this:
  1. Gauge minutes by something they know. 30minutes = one episode of Dora. Answer how long in Dora's (or blue's clues or whatever they like.) We'll go in two Dora shows. Hours turn into videos. 2 hours = "You know when you watch The Incredibles? That's how long until we go..one time watching that movie."
  2. Days are hard for little kids. It does no good to tell them they'll go to Grandma's in 3 days. They won't get it. But they do understand going to sleep. "How long 'til we go to Grandma's?" gets answered "You have to go to bed 3 times, and then we'll go." As they get older it turns into "3 sleeps".

Trust me. It works. And it teaches them to count. And it keeps them from nagging you constantly, which makes your life much, much easier.