Interesting thought....
Today is actually the day of Christ's resurrection. Nisan 14, the day of his crucifixion, falls on the first full moon after the solstice. That happened yesterday. So it really is Easter today, not just the Sunday after it. Happy Easter, all you Christians!
My kids really like Easter, even though they have no idea what it's all about. I can't bring myself to explain how some guy got nailed to a tree 2000 years ago, just like I still can't have the conversation about slavery. I like to keep it sunny as long as I can. They dig the bunny, though. T said this morning, "Gee, the Easter bunny sure does bring a lot of sugar!" They are currently crashing from the sugar buzz. Peeps for breakfast are a really, really bad idea. But it sure is fun!

We finally had T's 5th birthday party on Friday. We took 7 kids to Chuck E. Cheese. It went beautifully. They were all well behaved. A grandmother came up and complimented us on the behavior of our little group. That is always nice. He got great gifts from his friends, and felt very special for the night.