My friend also blogged about this. I hate to play point-counterpoint, but I couldn't let it go. Isn't the point of democracy to be a gov't for the people, BY the people? Aren't we obligated to voice our opinions when we see something wrong, especially when the man we ASKED to be commander-in-chief is behind it? The argument that they have been doing it their whole lives and are educated to do it, therefore we shouldn't argue with them, sends me spinning. I know a lot of really shitty teachers who have been doing it their whole lives. Doesn't mean they don't suck. Dr. Robert Gallo had been researching retro-viruses his whole life, went to really good schools, and still managed to do more damage to AIDS research and blatantly allow more deaths by it than anyone since him. And he was the top guy in the field. Tons of priests have been priests their whole lives, went to the right schools for it, and, well, I'll leave that at that. If we're all so wrapped up into eating the theory spoonfed to us by this administration that we are "spreading freedom" and that's why we're in the middle east, maybe we need a refresher in what our version of freedom that's getting spread around is. How about freedom of speech for starters?