I finally made it all the way downstairs to the computer. It's only been, what, 2 weeks or so. There's a lot to blog about, too much in fact to actually organize any of it into a thought. A coherent thought, at least. Here's a few things:

T was not at all excited about having a sister on day one. Day two, at the hospital, she let rip a huge fart (seriously, I thought it was her dad) and T stopped, turned slowly and said, "Did Lily do that?" A few high fives later, she was welcomed to the family by all.

B was there for her birth. He did great. He said later that it was "gross but cool." His first Monday at school after she was born, one of his spelling words sent home for the week was awkward. He had to use it in a sentence. The problem was, he didn't exactly understand what it meant. It's a hard word to define for a 7 year old. Well, evidently he figured it out because next night as we were working on homework, he said that he had figured out a sentence for awkward. What was it? "I felt awkward when my baby sister was born." I think he gets the meaning just fine.

As far as the baby goes, she rocks. She doesn't cry a whole lot, she sleeps reasonably well (on top of me, but we'll get to that later) she freakin' cute as a button, and she's growing quite nicely.

So, we're all truckin' along. I think that's all I've got for now. I've got 2 weeks of blog-reading to catch up on!