A long time ago, many dress sizes ago, I was a bartender at Bennigan's (which is where I met J, by the way). I had a pair of guys who came to my bar fairly regularly. One was a named Mike and I was pretty sure he was trying VERY hard to get down my pants*. I never really caught the other guy's name, he just sat there drinking his double crown and cokes and seemed happy to be his buddy's wingman.

A few years ago my sister in law was working the lunch shift at the bar in the hotel she had a job at**. A man who had been coming to her bar all week, and had been nice to her the whole week, came in on her birthday and announced that he had a birthday gift for her, but she had to go outside to get it. They walked outside and she stood in front of a blue Jaguar parked in the lot, waiting to see what her gift was from this stranger. Turns out, it was the Jag. He had already put it in her name. He gave it to her and then he left. Right then. Left town. For good. Didn't even try to makeout with her or anything. When she hunted him down to return it, she realized she kind of liked him.

They have been married for a few years now.

I met him over Christmas a few years back. We knew each other, we both knew we knew each other, but we couldn't for the life of us figure out where we had met. I was pretty sure I hadn't slept with this guy***, and after an hour or so of trying to figure it out, we both gave up. We went to dinner and when he ordered his double crown and coke it hit me like a ton of bricks. Wingman****.

My sister in law married a guy I used to wait on at the bar where I met her brother. How flippin' weird is that.

Anyway, it's Billy's birthday today. Happy birthday Bill. I love you. Thanks for marrying my sister. And being and awesome brother in law. And being a great uncle to my kids. And being the only father my nephew has ever known. And double thanks for doing it on your birthday. I have a lot of dates to juggle in my head and consolidation is always appreciated.

*He did not succeed. Just in case you were wondering.
**We all work in bars. You should come to a party at our house. We pour grrrreat drinks.
***This makes me sound like a scanky whore. I am not a scanky whore.
****If I pour you a drink once, I will until my dying day remember what you drink. I may not remember your name, but I will know your poison.