We think Lily may be the slightest bit colicy. It's more of a grunting thing she does, rather than straight screaming, but it does seem to be concentrated in the evening hours, and she's quite gassy through the whole thing, so it's reasonable to assume that it's colic. We have started using a hot water bottle for her tummy and a little sound machine that plays sounds like water or a heartbeat, and both seem to help. Of course, I have undergone the obligitory diet change: no broccoli, eggs, beans, dairy or caffine. I think it's helping, and it had better be. If I had my own religion, the two greatest sins would be decaf coffee and non dairy creamer. Right now my whole world is decaf coffee and non dairy creamer. Beacuse on 3 hours of sleep, it is possible to forget it's decaf coffee with non dairy creamer. What I wouldn't give for a big ass latte right about now.

On an interesting note: Lily and I took what ended up being about a 2 mile walk today, to drop the boys off at grandma's for the night. She had her big soft pink blanket, and I a thick sweater, and we were both quite comfortable. I did have to stop by the local coffee shop for some decaf coffee with non dairy creamer when the sun went down, just to fight off the slightest chill. It was by all accounts a lovely evening. And less than 100 miles away, there was so much snow falling that the highways were closing. I think Colorado is neat.