I have so much to blog about, and am so far behind in non-computer related things that I am sure I will forget all of it before I can sit down to type. But the baby is gone to Grandma's, and so I can spare a few minutes.

The baby is off to Grandma's. I have left her with a babysitter so I can clean my filthy house. It's come to that. T read me a book the other night. By that, I do not mean he recited a book from memory. He sat down and read me Green Eggs and Ham. I about died from the shock. My brother will get here tonight. I am officially scared to death of this weekend. My family is already driving me looney and they haven't even arrived. My dinner, however, will kick a serious amount of ass. I cannot wait to eat it.

Oh, see, I told you. I have already forgotten the rest. So, more on all that later, and Happy Turkey day to you all.

One more thing...Andy and his wife went & had a cute ol' world wide runt #2, with great big fat cheeks. See for yourself. Congrats!