So, after a grueling move and a few weeks with a computer that had a big, big boo-boo and had to have emergency transplant surgery, I am back up and running.

We are still in the hotel, a fancy-schmancy corporate apartment thingy. We are on the 18th floor, overlooking the construction of what will be the tallest structure in Vancouver soon, the Shangri-La. It's been kind of neato watching them build it. Three weeks ago they were digging out the basement levels, today there are elevator shafts and what I think is the floor of the ground level.

We have spent most of our days at Stanley Park, which I must say is just about the coolest place I have ever been in my whole life. There are four beaches, a monstrous swimming pool, a water park, hiking, the aquarium, bikes you can rent to ride around the park, horse drawn tours, a free shuttle to get around, totem poles and on and on and on. It is wonderful. Being so close to it (20 minutes on foot - 40 minutes on foot with kids) we cannot justify not going as much as possible. There is also a great big water jet thing for the kids to run through just 3 blocks away and we have spent many a lazy day splashing through that and then hanging out in the park that surrounds in watching the sea planes take off. It sure is nice being 3 blocks from the waterfront. The marina is about 10 blocks down the waterfront, which is fun for walking around looking for the silliest boat names we can find and counting starfish hiding on rocks.

There are not many kids in the city. We see lots of babies, but we have yet to see kids the same ages as my own. It's kind of fun being the only kids out. Chinese tourists keep stopping me asking in very cute broken English if they can take pictures of us.

Vancouver is a very tourist driven town. Everywhere you turn there are people of every nationality, race, colour, religion and language. It is almost poetic if you just stop, close your eyes and listen. The Alaskian cruise ships dock here, which means every morning as I drink my coffee on the patio the kids can come out with me and watch ships head out to sea. Yesterday I met a woman from Dubai who was getting some laundry done after her ship had docked. We walked down Robson Street together and talked about our kids and silly other things like we were old friends. It's a strange world, this Canada. It makes you social.

So far, I guess it's safe to say that we really like it here. We are having a bitch of a time figuring out exactly what we have to do to actually immigrate here, but as long as that gets done before one of us gets sick (or our prescriptions run out) we'll be just fine. I really, really miss home, though. I said goodbye to a few people that I was in no way prepared to say goodbye to and I just about killed me. And although we sit here in a sort of suspended animation, life at home moves right on. Babies are on their way, houses are being bought and sold, cats are being eaten by dogs, kids are going to the pool and out after for ice cream, bloggers are bashing and I imagine that the gap we have left behind is slowly filling itself in. And don't think that doesn't kill me a little.