my phone has rang 10 times in the past 2 months. that's it. just when i thought i was going to completely loose it, the phone rang this morning. 4 of my favorite girls called to have me meet them out for breakfast. it was nice to re-enter society.
i have been thinking a lot about this Michael Jackson trial. scratch that, i have thought none about the trial, but lots about the situation. i don't understand how a mother could let her children be alone in the home of an accused child molester, let alone spend the night, let alone for months on end. i don't care who it is, if someone is accused of molesting kids, that's enough for me. my kids won't be anywhere near them. i don't think that "innocent until" applies to parents when sexual assault is in the conversation. i understand that the guy is an "icon", and sure, he's a musical genius. i wouldn't mind having lunch with him some time. but not my kids. just in case. it's my job as a parent to protect them. i wish this kid's mother had thought about that.