mmwah haha haha

I have been so ridiculously busy with kids and the PTA and all that jazz that I have not had time to do anything else. I have been a seriously bad blogger, and have not more than hinted at T-Palooza, which all you Denverites must attend, or told you about the nifty concert t-shirts I have been designing for said fundraising local concert (which are super-fly TNT, by the way), nor have I gone into much depth on the birthday extravaganzas that have been going on around here, and I have completely omitted the fact that Ms. Brainy Mc Geniushead is left-handed, sitting up, rolling over, eating food and cookies, laughing hysterically at most anything, feeding the dog, trying to crawl, and generally melting the hearts of random passers-by on a constant basis. I have not told you about the wedding I am helping plan, nor do I think I've ever mentioned that a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to plan weddings, and loved it, and am so happy to have one to do this summer. I have been fairly diligent about washing the laundry, but as I sit here typing away hovering not 2 feet behind me is what can only be described as a mountain of clean, unfolded laundry which has been removed from the washer over the course of the past week and gingerly tossed onto the basement floor, and not really touched since. This is, however, a marked improvement over the slightly smellier mountain of dirty laundry that had accumulated in my bedroom. Maybe I'll fold some of it today, maybe not. I have a birthday party to plan for tomorrow and one of my world famous PTA-with margaritas parties to host tomorrow.

I had a point. The point was this. I have discovered eBay, and somehow, with all the things I am currently not doing, I manage to find tons of time every day to bop around that cursed eBay site.

eBay. It consumes me.

orange mocha frappacino

or: look honey, derek made his first look
or: i watch way too much zoolander
or: i know it's vain, but seriously, my kid should be in pictures.

OK, that last one I just really like.

you really should watch what you say in front of your kids

They are like little germ ridden sponges.

We are having a sleepover right now. Over dinner the children were having a lively conversation which I was almost completely successful in tuning out, until I heard B very matter-of-factly say this:

"...blah blah yada yada my parents didn't want me, but they wanted T blah blah yada blah..."


(I clarified this. I explained how we wanted him, we just weren't expecting him for a few years. I told him how he was the greatest surprise present I have ever been given. I kissed his cheek and ruffled his hair. I was quite cool and collected about the whole thing. I am going to be paying an ASSLOAD in therapy bills when he hits his teen years, aren't I?)

the final countdown

Dada du dum! Dada da da dum, Dada du dum....

(i wonder how many of you will be able to name that tune)

Fairly soon here, something like 4 hours from now, I will turn 21 for the 11th time. I imagine I will be to busy to post anything, as I have another meeting with the principal in the morning, lunch with the girls, and then it's off to work for me. The joys of working in a bar included the fact that they let you bartend on your birthday, and will more than likely pay for the cab for my snot-slinging drunk ass to get home.

So, before I go, let me mention that Molly has already given me the best birthday gift of all. On Saturday night at my bar, with tears in her eyes and (a considerable amount of) whisky under her belt, she said the kindest, sweetest things about me I have ever heard. I cried a little bit. I love that girl.

So, happy equinox to you all. We usher in spring here with a snowstorm, as we usually do in this here mile-high city. Buy a carton of eggs and stand them on end all around your house, as gravity will take the day off to celebrate my birthday. Be sure & tell me I don't look a day over 22 the next time you see me.