here we go again!

The nice thing about having kids when you're young is that you get to be done raising them earlier than most. The danger is that you're still young enough to have more later, like 5 years later, right when you start thinking you might get a minute to yourself.

That sounds way more bitter than I intended. We're having a baby! My guess is September-ish. So I guess for the first time I won't be the youngest mom out there. I should blend peacefully this time around.

destination imagination

My 6 year old is involved in Destination Imagination this year. It is a nation-wide problem-solving program. Teachers volunteer their time to coach classes with parent help. At my school they meet once a week to work on their problem. Kids from the 3rd grade level (maybe 2nd, don't quote me) on up can compete regionally and nationally. Our school has won on at least one level every year for several years now. This year the school decided to offer the early-elementary students the opportunity to participate. D.I. has set challenges for teams to choose from, and the early-elementary challenge is to figure out what happens after a story ends. Our team has chosen Peter Pan. They will come up with a story for what happened to Pan, Wendy and the Lost Boys after the story ended, write a script for it, and perform a play for an audience. They are trying to figure out how to make themselves fly on stage right now. It's pretty exciting!


I had lunch with a good friend last week. She asked if I was thinking of putting my oldest into a magnet school. I have been thinking about this a lot. He is a very smart boy. He seems to be strongest in math, science, and art. I sometimes feel like he needs more from school to develop his strengths, and maybe a magnet school would do him some good. But I hesitate. I have this feeling that maybe as parents we are pushing our kids WAY too hard. Yeah, it's a competitive world and they will need some serious skills to make it, but what's so wrong about letting them be kids? He's only 6 right now....His direction may change in the next few years. I don't want him to feel like he has to be good at anything. Because he doesn't right now. All he has to be good at is being 6. I think the rest will figure itself out.

He's really good at video games, too. I have that thing in me that says I shouldn't let him play them, they'll turn his brain to mush. But the truth is, they won't. He's reading the instruction book to Zelda because he got stuck. I think it's pretty great that a 6 year old can read the instruction book to Zelda.

There's a new book out called Einstein Didn't Use Flash Cards, or something like that. The premise is that play is more important in infant development than filling them full of facts. It's my next read.

movies vs. books

I am a movie buff. I tend to like the more independent types, but I'm open. I say that so I can say this....

What is the obsession with taking really great books and turning them into movies? They rarely do the books justice, and it seems to keep people from reading the books. Example: Almost everyone I know has seen the Ciderhouse Rules. Almost none of those people have read the book. It is way up there in my favorite book list. The movie of course had to cut up the book to make it fit. One of the main characters was completely omitted from the movie. I wish they had just left it alone.

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy has it theatrical release on May 6th. The only reason I don't scream NO!!!! Is that Douglas Adams was working on the screenplay when he died. He wanted this. I hope they don't screw it up.

I'd like to mention Hotel Rwanda. It's a movie about the 100 day genocide in Rwanda in the 90's. 800,000 people died in 100 days. It barely put a blip on the world radar. Why is it that 13 kids die in a school in Littleton and the whole universe knows, or 3,000 people in NY, or 1 little girl in Boulder, but 800,000 go almost unnoticed? I don't mean to belittle these other events, but lets be fair. I am glad they made this movie. It, of course, is not getting much press, but do go see it. It's important. (and Don Cheadle is in it. He rocks!)


today is inauguration day in the united states. I don't imagine they could be less united lately. I will rarely speak of politics; I find it at futile as arguing religion. But today I am feeling a little discouraged. I just don't understand why or how this man got elected. He seems to me a racist and an elitist. I would not be employed by such a man. And yet he is running my country. Truthfully, he was the only logical choice. Find out why here.

I hope the residents of d.c. are enjoying the parties they won't be invited to and the $12 million security bill they cannot afford.